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Horses are the icon of Freedom in America. Aside from the dog, horses have been man's best friend for centuries, carrying them cross-country, being their faithful comrades in battle, pulling the wagons that carried their families, their supplies and materials for their homesteads. Many families would not have had a home if it weren't for the tireless efforts of their true blue horse, hauling hundreds of pounds of supplies and water back and forth for miles and weeks at a time. Horses, with their gentle nature and deep emotional soul offer friendship and help to heal children with disabilities.

When one thinks of the American Spirit, it includes the horse; visions of cowboys, farms, horse racing and ponies comes forefront to mind - not abuse, starvation, neglect and slaughter of these amazing and sensitive creatures. It's almost unfathomable that this proud and beautiful country could stand behind the cruelty and murder of such proud and beautiful animals for so long...our friends....the frequent guests of childhood lullaby's and dreams.

But now, thankfully things are changing because of that great American Spirit and because of people like you who care - people who have been educated through public awareness causes such as National Horse Protection Day.

This holiday was founded in 2005 by Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist/Advocate, Colleen Paige.Growing up, Colleen spent much of her summertime with horses, where she learned dressage, show jumping and horse husbandry, to trail riding in the desert and mountains and caring for foster horses, Chico and King.

The lessons Colleen learned from the horses in her life as a child, have made an impact on the woman she is today. Colleen created National Horse Protection Day for March 1st, to bring light to the plight of horses in America and beyond - and help the thousands of unwanted horses in this country to find forever homes.

Please join us!


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