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Thousands of horses across America have been abandoned and need forever homes because good hearted people thought they could care for a horse. The number of unwanted horses today is a crisis, especially because it feeds the need for horse meat.

Every day horses are sold to auction by unsuspecting horse owners who simply can no longer care for their hoofed friend. They are unaware that the horse who they loved, the horse that once taught their child how to ride, will soon be on a dinner plate in Belgium or Japan.

As many horses as there are, that are need of forever homes, to properly care for a horse, one must have the financial means and space. Daily food, mineral supplements and supplies like a salt block and oats which can average about $5 a day depending on where you live . It can cost $500 and $800 a year for routine medical care and hoof maintenance, providing the horse stays healthy .This includes two annual vaccinations, the cost of de-worming, a Farrier every 6-8 weeks and dental care once a year.

If additional care was needed due to illness, the two most common veterinary calls are for colic and lameness, which can cost an additional $150 to $250 per visit. If the medical issues are extensive, especially due to injury, be prepared to spend $500 to $2,000 or more. Medical insurance is very valuable to have if you can afford it and can help save a tremendous amount of money if your horse were to suffer serious medical problems. If you need to board your horse, that is also an additional cost.

Depending on the policy and company, insurance can run $100-$400 a month depending on the type of coverage purchased, the age of your horse, the use of your horse and the value of your horse - but is worth it in the long run.


If you have land and the financial resources, a horse can be a great addition to the family and many are looking for a forever home. Check with your local rescue organizations to see if they have a horse that needs a new family. If you have children and dogs, you will want to consider how this may impact the emotional well being of a horse in a new environment before bringing one home.

If you meet all the requirements to be in a position to add a horse to your family, it'll be one of the most incredible relationships you'll ever have with a furry friend.



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