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If you love horses but can't commit to adopting one right now, here's a few
things you can do to better the life of a horse in your community.

1.) Help out a neighbor horse by feeding, bathing, riding or walking
one that may need some attention due to recent owner illness or
financial disability.

2.) Foster or sponsor a horse at your local shelter until they can find
the horse a home.

3.) Plan an adoption event on National Horse Protection Day (or
anytime!) in partnership with your local humane organization to
find homes for their adoptable horses.

4.) Put a team of horse lovers together to raise awareness in your
city about horse slaughter and the number of horses that need

5.) Organize a horse food drive and distribute the supplies to horses
in need in your community.

6.) Place copy and paste the banner below on your website, Facebook
 or Myspace page, to show your support and link to this site!

Let us know if you plan an event or food drive!
We'd love to help promote it!


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